1. You have items in your wardrobe that you do not wear because they are too big/too small/need mending/need tailoring.
  2. Getting dressed in the morning can induce ‘wardrobe rage’ as you struggle to find something clean/something that does not need ironing/something that fits/something that does not make you feel bad about your body shape or size.
  3. You look enviously at other people that seem to have their style together.
  4. You try to copy an outfit that looks great on someone else but it doesn’t look the same on you and you have no idea why.
  5. You have been known to panic buy clothes.
  6. Shopping can give you the ‘shopping high’. It makes you feel good to shop for clothes/shoes/accessories but you still have ‘nothing to wear!’
  7. You feel like you are stuck in a style ‘rut’.
  8. Clothes shopping can feel intimidating and overwhelming. Let’s not even mention the unflattering lighting in the changing rooms!
  9. You own more than 4 pairs of jeans/black trousers/black shoes (delete where appropriate).
  10. You don’t understand why finding your style feels so difficult.
  11. You want to feel confident in your clothes.